Where can I sell my autographed memorabilia?

Do you buy autographs? This is a question we receive all the time. Sorry, but we do not purchase memorabilia. We are an in-person only collector and dealer. Now that we have that out of the way, we can help you find someone that will buy your autograph. Once you have established authenticity and an approximate value (see our other articles), you now need someplace to sell it. There are many options to choose from:

Ebay: This is the obvious choice with many pros and cons. The main advantage is the exposure. Ebay has millions of users worldwide and an autographed memorabilia category with thousands of autographs. You are sure to sell your autograph here, but that leads you to the biggest downside – price. Don’t expect to get the price you wanted. Everyone is looking for the best deal and with all the competition, a buyer will move on as soon as the price starts to climb.

Other online auction: Do a google search and you will find many other auction sites used by those who shun ebay. With not as many members, it will take longer to sell, but you are more likely to get a higher price using a buy now only option.

Classifieds: Old school and still very effective – the classified ad. You can choose between local, national or global. Print ad, online ad or both. General classifieds or memorabilia specific. There are always many options to choose from, or use all of the above, and you will find a buyer in no time for the price you want.

Forums: This is a surprisingly great way to sell your autographed memorabilia. Find all the fan forums of the musician, actor or athlete of the autograph you are trying to sell and post your item on them to see if anyone is interested. With this method, you have access to the exact demographic you need to increase your chances of finding a buyer for your autographed memorabilia.

Auction Houses: With the high fees and limited audience, I wouldn’t use this method unless you have something really expensive.

Dealers: A lot of autograph dealers buy memorabilia to resell. Don’t expect top dollar since they need to make a profit on it too, but it is a good option if all else fails or you need quick cash.

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