Do you buy memorabilia?
No. We only sell what we get signed ourselves.
Where can I sell my memorabilia? How much is it worth?
Please chack out our articles on the left side of this page for information about selling and valuing your autographed memorabilia
What kind of guitar is this?
Most of the guitars on the site are Eleca guitars.
Why are there two of the same item listed?
When doing a search you will see the same item come up twice. That is because each item is posted in two categories - "All Autographed" and also in the appropriate genre category such as "Rock" or "Country".
What does it mean "actual item may vary"?
We usually get 5-10 guitars autographed at each signing. All are very similar - same style and color - so we only picture one for the website. The only difference in the guitar you receive may be signature placement.
You don't have listed what I'm looking for. Can you get it?
Not everything we have for sale is posted on the site. Please use the request form to inquire about other autographs. We will get back to if we already have what you are looking for or if we can get it for you.
How do you get these signed?
Mainly backstage at concerts and special events. We started out renting equipment for concerts which gave us the backstage access to obtain autographs.
Do you have photos of the band/artist signing?
Most of the time. Please send an email for information about a particular band.
I just bought something off the website. Why is is still for sale?
We don't have that sort of online database to handle inventory on the site. Each item has to be removed or edited manually which takes a little longer.
If I buy more than one item, can I get a discount?
Yes, but only for bulk orders. Charities can also get special pricing. Please email for additional information
Can I make payments?
Sorry, not anymore. Our layaway program has been suspended due to slow and non payments.
It won't accept my credit card. What do I do?
First double check that the information you supplied is correct and that your card is up to date and working. If everything checks out OK, it is usually something with your computer settings that isn't sending along the correct information through the cart (cookies or javascript disabled). Please send an email with your order and country and we will set you up with a custom order form that bypasses the shopping cart software. This takes care of the problem most of the time.
Where are you located?
In Las Vegas, NV.
Do you have a store?
Not yet. We mainly operate online and through private auctions.
Do you have a phone number?
With all the travelling we have to do, we found it hard to handle questions and orders over the phone. We don't always have the information for each item or order in front of us (for example, at the airport). We decided to start handling questions by email. That gives us the opportunity to look up what we need to and reply back when we get the right answers.
What is your return policy?
To read our policies, click here.

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