Caring For Your Signed Guitar

Tips about caring for your autographed guitar

This may seem useless, but there are a few things people might not know

1. Cleaning - Depending on the pen used, most signed guitars can be cleaned with a soft towel, lightly dampened with window cleaner. I have not encountered any problems with this method and it leaves a nice shine. Do a test spot first to make sure it doesn't wipe away the signature (maybe on the last tip of the autograph).

2. Please do not play your signed guitar. Many people ask this and still try it. I cannot stress enough not to do it. Just because your favorite guitarist's signature is on it does not mean you will suddenly possess their ability and talent by playing it. Everything seems OK at first, but before you know it, the autograph will be gone forever or significantly screwed up. Even the most durable ink cannot withstand the constant rubbing of your skin or sleeve.

3. If you live close to the ocean, consider sealing your signed guitar in some sort of display case. The salt water and air causes the autographs to fade in a short amount of time. I have received a few emails about this so it is worth taking caution over.

4. If you plan on hanging your signed guitar on the wall with a wall hanger and you don't have any decent handyman skills or knowledge about studs, drills, anchors, etc, then please let someone else hang it. If you do it yourself, one day it will crash. It may not be for a year, but it will. The least case scenario is the guitar will break. Middle scenario is the guitar will break and whatever furniture or tile below will break. Worst case scenario is the guitar will break as it gives someone sitting below it a concussion. (It has happened)

5. Always keep other autographed memorabilia such as cds, lps, and paper items in a frame. This will prevent any damage or wear and allow you to set up a unique display for your autograph. Add matting, pictures, logos and anything else you want. Not only are you protecting the autograph, but are increasing the value as well. You can email us for custom framing options.

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